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Cable Raceways

Cable Trunking 40-25

Cable Trunkings

Cable Trunkings are a specific type of cable raceway often used in building settings. They provide a tidy and safe means of organizing and protecting multiple cables and wires.

Floor Cable Trunking Photo

Floor Type Cable Trunkings

Floor Type Cable Trunkings are designed to be installed on the floor, providing cable management solutions in high-traffic areas. They allow for easy access to cables and are designed to minimize tripping hazards.

Slotted Cable Trunking Photo

Slotted Type Cable Trunkings

Slotted Type Cable Trunkings feature slots along the length of the raceway that allow for easy insertion and removal of cables. They offer an adaptable solution for managing cables in dynamic environments.

Modular Cable Trunking Photo

Modular System Cable Trunkings

Modular Type Cable Trunkings offer versatile cable management solutions. They can be easily modified or expanded based on changing cable layout needs, providing a flexible solution for complex cable setups.

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