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Electrical Conduits

Electrical Conduit

PVC Rigid Conduits

PVC Rigid Conduits are made from a hard plastic material known as Polyvinyl Chloride. These conduits are commonly used due to their high durability, resistance to moisture and corrosion, and affordability.

Electrical Conduit

PE Spiral Conduits

Plastic Spiral Conduits offer increased flexibility and are designed with a spiral structure that offers exceptional cable protection, especially in applications requiring constant movement or bending.

Electrical Conduit

PVC Flexible Conduits

Flexible Plastic Conduits are designed to adapt to various installation conditions. Made from durable plastic, these conduits are lightweight and can be easily bent to accommodate corners or awkward routing paths.

Steel Conduit Photo

Flexible Steel Conduits

Flexible Steel Conduits are ideal for applications requiring superior mechanical protection. They are highly durable and offer excellent protection against severe environmental conditions and damage from impact.

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