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Earthed Group Socket 3

Earthed Group Sockets

Earthed Group Sockets are designed with an additional grounding pin for added safety. They reduce the risk of electrical shock by redirecting any electrical leakage to the ground, making them an essential choice for areas with high electrical use.

Unearthed Group Socket 3

Unearthed Group Sockets

Unearthed Group Sockets are designed without a grounding pin, making them suitable for devices that do not require grounding. These sockets are commonly used in areas where electrical safety is not a significant concern or where devices being used do not have a grounding wire.

Industrial Plugs and Sockets

Industrial Plugs and Sockets are designed for high-demand and harsh environments. They are robustly built to withstand the rigors of industrial use and often come with additional safety features like increased resistance to dust, water, and impact.


Accessories for electrical systems include a variety of essential components such as plugs, switches, and sockets. These parts are crucial for establishing and controlling electrical connections in a variety of environments.

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