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100×50 Modular System Cable Trunking

Raw Material PVC UL94, V0 M1
Impact Resistance High
Operating Temperature -25 to 65 C0
Colour White RAL 9010
IP Ingress Protection  IP40
Type 2 Cable Trunking Systems


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UV Resistance

Liquid Resistance





Easy Installation

Modular System Cable Trunkings

Discover the future of cable management with our premium Modular System Cable Trunkings. Made from the finest PVC UL94 with V0 M1 fire resistance, our trunking guarantees safety and durability. It effortlessly handles temperatures from a chilling -25°C to a hot 65°C, and with its impactful resistance up to 0.5 Joule, it’s built to last. In an elegant White RAL 9010 shade, it not only integrates seamlessly into most designs but also offers features like UV resistance, liquid protection, and non-conductivity. Plus, with its adaptability and easy installation, your setup will look sleek in no time.

*Easy to add sockets and outlets  *Up to 4 compartment.  *Foil tape protected and inner cover.

SizeCodeW (mm)H (mm)Quantity/Pack (m)Volume (m3)Weight (kg)Loading Area (mm2)Loading Capacity (kg / m)
A SERIES100 x 50CT110005010050160,067164431,222,5
A SERIES ADHESIVE100 x 50CT210005010050160,06716,34431,222,5
A SERIES100 x 50CT310005010050160,06719,64367,922,8
A SERIES ADHESIVE100 x 50CT410005010050160,06719,84367,922,8
A SERIES100 x 50CT51000501005060,0267,3154367,922,8
A SERIES ADHESIVE100 x 50CT61000501005060,0267,3994367,922,8
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